Zeta Pendant

Zeta Pendants and Bracelets are the first truly functional jewelry offered for relief from pain and swelling. And they’re always right where you need them, when you need them most.

Zeta Pendants are effective, precise and rapid delivery hot/cold packs that also provide the added benefit of far-infrared. They help provide relief from localized pain, swelling and surface bruising FAST. Zeta Pendants are the smallest, most convenient product of their kind. Use one or multiple Zeta Pendants anywhere, anytime.

At room temperature, the Zeta Pendants will continue to emit far-infrared and will do so indefinitely while on the skin. If you wish to use for cold therapy, simply chill your Zeta Pendant (only takes seconds) and apply. To obtain traditional heat therapy, simply follow heating procedure (only takes seconds to heat). Alternating hot and cold every 2 minutes over a 20 minute period is often recommended. See heating and cooling instructions inside.

Comfort - Benefits of heat without the discomfort of heat

  • feels natural on your skin
  • No possibility of burning skin
  • Sleek, thin. light
  • non restrictive, will not interfere with users flexibility
  • can be applied anywhere on skin, individually or in multiples for custom configurations
  • small and can be worn under clothing
Convenient – always ready to use – anywhere and anytime,
  • never needs to be pre-heated by microwave or boiling
  • easy to carry
  • discreet and easy to wear, can be secured with tape or under support wrap
  • no external power sources needed, just apply and forget
Consistency – wear/use ZETA products all day and night, ZETA products radiate safely and evenly all the time, forever.

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