Zeta Brewing Bottle

The original beverage infuser

Love tea or flavoured water on the go? Well, now you can have it without spending a fortune every single day.

With the Zeta Brewing Bottle, you just choose what you want to use to infuse with and top with HOT or COLD water throughout the day. The Zeta Brewing Bottle will withstand high temperature water and is BPA Free.

Want Tea? One set of loose tea leaves is usually enough for a whole day (8-10 refills).
Want Flavoured Water? Add your own fruits and get fresh, delicious, flavoured water the natural way.
Want Alkalized Water? Just add one of Zeta’s Alkaline Water Pouches.

The best thing is that you customize your drink easily. However you want it, you can make it. Just add any mixture of teas or flavours you desire. Never be restricted to those expensive bottled waters or flavoured teas again!

Most restaurants and coffee shops will refill your hot water for FREE, saving you money every single day!

Using the Infuser Water Bottle is easy. You simply:

  1. Remove the filter basket at the bottom and add your chosen flavour/tea etc.
  2. Put it back in place and close tightly.
  3. Top up with water and enjoy!

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