Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style

The Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style is an exceptional hand therapy product, that provides pain and stress relief, and can be used to help treat symptoms of arthritis, repetitive stress injury and stroke recovery.

The Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style is easily rolled between the users hands, and gripped alternately to provide the desired effects. Zeta Technology products are engineered to channel natural Far Infrared and other energies to the body. Zeta Technology products are safe for all ages.

Detailed instructions for use inside. For more information on Zeta Technology and Far Infrared Therapy visit Preparing the Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style is FOR applications:

The Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style does not need to be pre-heated or chilled for an effective far-infrared effect. It only needs to be in contact with the skin. However, by increasing the temperature of the disc, the far-infrared emission will be stronger.

Cold Therapy: Place Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style over ice cube for 30 seconds or longer.   Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style can also be chilled in freezer.

Heat Therapy: Submerge Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style in warm water at desired temperature - as warm as the user can comfortably tolerate, but no hotter. Submerge the Touch Stone for 30 seconds or longer.


Each person reacts differently to the application of heat & cold:
• Do not microwave, boil.
• Do not overheat or under cool product to avoid harming the skin or tissue.
• Do not use on open wounds or open sores.
• In the event of skin irritation or other discomfort, discontinue use. If irritation persists, see a physician.
• Not suitable for persons with diabetic neuropathy, heart disease or kidney infection, a history of frost bite or cold related injury, or peripheral vascular disease.
• Heat and cold therapies should not be used by persons with any kind of metal implants.

Zeta Triggerpoint

The Zeta Trigger Point is a 6 point acupressure tool that can be used in massage therapy or acupressure therapy.  Pressure points come in a range of shapes and sizes.  Some pressure points are difficult to access with your fingertips because they are small, about one-eighth of an inch across and located in natural dips in tendons or bone structure. 

The Zeta Triggerpoint is precision engineered to meet the challenges encountered in true acupressure therapy. The Zeta Triggerpoint was designed to be easy to hold for both self therapy and applying acupressure to patients.  The Zeta Triggerpoint was precision engineered to be hypersensitive to heat and cold and is available in both consumer and professional grades.

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