Zeta Discs
Reusable Hot / Cold Therapy Disc 

Cold Therapy: To chill Zeta Discs, place under an ice cube for 30 seconds or longer. Zeta Discs can also be chilled in freezer. Once chilled, place the Zeta Discs on the area of discomfort until it reaches room temperature. If you wish to continue with cold therapy, simply re-chill your Zeta Disc and re-apply.

Heat Therapy: To heat the Zeta Discs, fill a glass of water to the desired  temperature - as warm as the user can comfortably tolerate, but no hotter. Submerge the Disc for 30 seconds or longer and apply to the area of discomfort.

Reducing Surface Bruising with Zeta Disc: Secure Disc over bruise with tape or band aid of users choice before bedtime. Observe in morning. Repeat process as needed.

Methods of Use for Precise, Localized Contrast Therapy

The ZETA Disc can be used to apply both infrared and far infrared heat, as well as cold to most areas of discomfort. Hot and cold therapy can be used  independently of each other or alternating.   When used in an alternating mode it is often referred to as contrast therapy. 

Zeta Discs are ideal tools for the administration of both traditional, reduced duration contrast heat/cold therapy and contrast far infrared/cold therapy. 

When using the Zeta Discs for hot/cold therapy, it is best to alternate hot and cold every 30 seconds to 2 minutes and repeat the process for five cycles.  This process can be repeated 3 times daily.

Used locally – contrast therapy using the Zeta Disc as recommended offers a rapid, safe and precise approach to the this form of treatment. It can be useful in the easing of pain, reducing localized inflammation and increasing superficial circulation.

How Hot, How Cold?

Preparing the Zeta Touch Stone or Zeta Disc for Cold Therapy:  The ideal range for cold therapy utilizing the Zeta Disc would range between 40-65 degrees.   The easiest way to chill the Zeta Disc is to place it under an ice cube for 20 seconds or longer.  Zeta products can also be chilled in the refrigerator or freezer.

Preparing the Zeta Disc for Heat Therapy:  The ideal range for heat  therapy is 99-114 degrees.  The easiest way to heat the Zeta Disc is fill a glass with water to the desired temperature – as warm as the user can comfortably tolerate, but no hotter.  Submerge the disc for 20 seconds and immediately apply. 

Preparing the Zeta Touch Stone or Zeta Disc for FIR Applications :  The Zeta Disc does not need to be pre-heated or pre-chilled for a Far Infrared effect.  It only needs to be in contact with the skin.  However, by increasing the temperature of the Zeta products, the FIR emission will be stronger. 



Each person reacts differently to the application of heat and cold:

  1. Do not microwave, boil or leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  2. Do not overheat or under cool product to avoid harming the skin or tissue.
  3. Do not use on open wounds or open soars.
  4. In the event of skin irritation or other discomfort, discontinue use.  If irritation persists, see a physician.
  5. A person with diabetic neuropathy, for example, has little or no feeling when it comes to pain and/or temperature changes. Thus, they must be certain they have no loss of these sensations before using the  Zeta Disc, Zeta Touch Stone or any other Zeta product for hot/cold therapy.
  6. A person with heart disease or kidney infection might be adversely affected by the body’s attempt to accommodate the rapidly changing temperatures.
  7. Contrast therapy should never be used on open wounds or immediately following surgery, as it can cause bleeding or increase the chance of infection.
  8. Some people have hypersensitivity and/or allergic reactions to the application of cold.  Any form of cold or heat therapy is to be avoided on clients with a history of frostbite or other cold related injury. The use of cold on such a person can result in prolonged burning sensations and extreme pain. (Other pathologies adversely affected by the use of cold would be Raynaud’s disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Berger’s disease.)
  9. Any indication of peripheral vascular disease, as noted by your Doctor, should be a basis for precaution. If you have not seen a physician or other health care professional  to either confirm or disregard this problem be cautious in the use of this product.
  10. Heat and cold therapies should not be used in persons with any kind of metal implants. Metal reacts differently than the human body when exposed to heat or cold. As a result, those changes, including heating to injurious temperatures and/or modifying the shape of the implant, can cause serious internal injuries.


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